National Road Bicentennial 2006

National Road Bicentennial Celebration

Vintage Base Ball Match a Hit

The National Road Bicentennial Celebration at Morristown on July 29, 2006 featured activities for the whole family. One of those activities, a vintage base ball match, was a genuine hit with players and spectators alike. The game was a matchup between the Ohio Village Muffins from the Ohio Historical Society and the Morristown Nationals, a team of local players. The 9-inning game was played by the rules of 1860, including period clothing. The Muffins won the matchup 26-7. The vintage game was played on the baseball diamond at Union Local High School. Real Life Church sold hot dogs, Cracker Jacks and other refreshments at the game.
The National Road Bicentennial Celebration was hosted by the Morristown Historic Preservation Association.


Friendly Rivals - Morristown Nationals and Ohio Village Muffins


WTOV-9 Meteorologist Jeff Oechslein and Morristown weather watcher Lois McDowell have a friendly chat before Jeff takes the field for the Morristown Nationals.

Belmont County Commissioner Mark Thomas shows fine form as he sends the ball into left field.

Morristown Mayor Robert Thomas (left) and umpire Richard "Always Right" Schuricht from Columbus look on as players warm-up before the base ball match. Standing in the background are Nationals' team members Darin Simms (left) and Chad Burghy.

Belmont County Probate Judge Mark Costine rings the bell after he scores a run for the Nationals.

An attentive group of Morristown players listens as the umpire explains how to play by the gentleman's rules of 1860.

Mayor Robert Thomas connects with the ball as he hits one into center field.

Team manager Tom McCort and captain Mark Thomas review the Nationals' batting order.